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3 Truths of Trumpism

“3 Truths About Trumpism” is a RogueMark Studios production, written by Ananya Roy and illustrated by Mia Greenwald.

A month after Trump entered the white house and began to sign executive orders which mainly divided the country and set us back to a not so great America the 3 Truths of Trumpism was published. The beautifully illustrated video explains why we must resist the stockpiling of wealth and power. The need to rise up and fight for justice and that our power is gained through relations of solidarity, education and participation. The video explains exactly why I started this site, to teach, participate and rebel!

1: It’s Not The Economy, Stupid
Trumps cabinet picks DO NOT represent the poor, the working class or the middles class interests, only the top 1%.

2: Unity Is Not What We Need
White identity is not the American Identity, hence not Unity and not going to make America great.

3: This Type of Great Is Not What You Want To Be
 Trumps regards those who are GREAT as those who exploit and reject all global responsibilities, our constitution, civil rights, education, climate change and so on…


Jump to full article from Good Magazine  The 3 Truths About Trumpism by Leo Shvedsk


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